It took you a long time to choose your new car – to find the right model, the perfect color, optional equipment, the right price.

And your car insurance, did you stop there? However, this is essential.

A car insurance policy is not a big deal. There is mandatory coverage under the law that covers your civil liability (damage to third parties). There are optional coverages that protect your vehicle (in case of collision, fire, robbery, vandalism, etc.)


The automobile insurance offer is very competitive, and it is in your best interest to be accompanied by one of our Advisors.

If you plan to save money by reducing your coverage – such as by only insuring yourself « in Civil Liability » – think about it. In the event of an accident or robbery, you will surely have to assume a larger amount than the initial savings, because you will have to pay from your pocket for the damage of your vehicle or its loss.

Our commitment will be to help you choose the coverage and services that are right for you. You then develop your car insurance adapted to your safety, your vehicle and your budget.

Our Service Offer

• Your insurer takes the time to assess the good conduct of your business. To do this, he consults with the federation of insurers to determine your Reduction and Increase Coefficient (ROC).
Do you think there are some errors in your file? We verify on your behalf the information it contains. If necessary, corrections will be made.

• The frequency of claims varies considerably depending on the driver’s class,
i.e. age, sex and marital status. Our advisors offer you the best products adapted to your situation.

• Do you want your car repaired in a specific location? That is your right.
However, make sure that your repairer is competent to carry out the work in accordance with the repair estimate and the price agreed with your insurer.

• If you have insured your vehicle at replacement cost and the parts of your vehicle cannot be repaired, they will be replaced by new parts according to the terms of your insurance contract.

• If you have an accident or simply break down, your car insurance gives you the right to assistance from the scene of the incident.

Details of Optional guarantees

It covers the costs incurred for the investigation of the case following any amicable or judicial intervention.

The insurer covers damage to the insured vehicle resulting from a fire, explosion, lightning strike or after a case of live combustion.

The insurer covers damage resulting from the loss or damage of the insured vehicle as a result of robbery or attempted robbery, and also reimburses the costs incurred and justified for the recovery and repair of the stolen vehicle after its return.

The insurer covers damage to the insured vehicle resulting from an impact with a fixed or movable part, or even in the event of the vehicle rollover without a prior collision. This coverage includes contractual limitations and exclusions that the insured must be aware of before subscribing to his insurance contract.

The insurer covers damage to the insured vehicle resulting from a collision with an identified land motor vehicle or with an identified third party, up to a contractually agreed amount. This coverage also includes limitations and exclusions depending on the terms and conditions of each company.

Within the limit of the insured amounts and subject to a deductible, the insurer covers damage to the windows of the insured vehicle caused or not by an accident. The conditions of coverage vary from one insurance company to another.

It is a kind of individual guarantee by which the insurer guarantees the payment of a capital fixed in the contract when the driver of the insured vehicle suffers bodily injuries as a result of a traffic accident, whatever the circumstances.

C’est une garantie optionnelle qui procure aux personnes transportées à titre gratuit à l’intérieur du véhicule assuré, le paiement d’un capital fixé au contrat lorsqu’elles subissent des dommages du fait d’un accident de la circulation.

Within the limits of the insured amounts, the insurer covers direct material damage resulting from the abnormal intensity of water caused by runoff, clogging and backflow of sewers, tides, overflows of springs and rivers by floods.