Civil Liability

Often the insured is led to associate the notion of civil liability with his car or home contract where it is automatically included among the coverages he provides.

However, civil liability insurance operates in various other contexts where it can cover your company and your employees against physical, material and immaterial damage caused to third parties in the course of your professional activities, the operation of your company and the marketing of your products or their use.

Civil liability is sometimes a rather complex concept to analyse and it is often necessary to consult a specialist such as EPEGA to determine its scope and scope before planning to incorporate it into an insurance contract.

EPEGA uses a specific approach to adapt to each company a civil liability insurance specific to its professional activity.

Operational liability is part of what is known as « corporate liability ». This form of civil liability covers direct and indirect damage incurred during and as a result of the exercise of the company’s professional activities. This is the case, for example, in the case of an injury caused to a person invited to visit the workshops by the fall of a pile of supplies.
Among other things, EPEGA provides advice, draws particular attention to the need to distinguish between operating liability and professional liability insurance and constantly compares your activity with the many cases and concrete examples experienced in practice.

Professional liability insurance is defined above all by the « after-delivery » nature of its warranties. In other words, the main purpose of professional liability insurance is to protect the company against the damage that its activity is likely to create around it, without damaging the company materially or immaterially. For example, post-delivery product liability insurance guarantees the contractual civil liability of the manufacturer for dangerous product characteristics, non-conformity or hidden defects. The same applies to consulting activities in pure intellectual service where professional civil liability can be incurred, and not civil liability for exploitation, since only the guidance given is incriminated while neither material breakdown nor damage to an object or a person is to be deplored.
By specifying professional liability insurance in relation to the behaviour of each branch of activity. EPEGA has mainly trained its counsellors to assess the notion of non-consecutive immaterial damages; thus, we intend to guide the insured towards the guarantees that best protect him against the consequences of faults, errors, omissions or negligence committed in the performance of his contractual obligations. We therefore also offer insurance adapted to each sector.

Or how to guarantee the manager to protect the company?

Managers believe they are protected, but the insurance contracts usually taken out for professional activity – operating liability, for example – do not cover their personal liability as a company manager when their duties lead them to take decisions to manage and develop the company.

Entrepreneurs, legal and de facto managers are the main stakeholders. However, corporate officers or company managers who exercise management, administrative or supervisory functions may also be held liable. Every day, we discover new possibilities for their challenge in the face of regulatory developments, more abundant case law, and the constant search for responsibility. Beyond simple fault, it also sanctions omission or negligence, not to mention cases where the leader’s good faith may be called into question.

The protection highlighted in terms of Directors’ Liability insurance provides a solution that can be:

•   Evolutive, by extending it to all the Group’ managers,
•   Complete, with coverage of defence costs and compensation for which they may be required to pay personally.

By surrounding you with EPEGA’s services, we will first check whether insuring your company provides sufficient coverage: by analysing your company manager’s functions, the risks that may involve his personal liability and expose his personal assets and reputation, and if necessary, help you avoid claims for sums that often reach very large amounts.