Retirement Group

This involves insuring your employees’ retirement savings plan, which allows them to protect themselves against loss of income when they reach retirement status, while benefiting from significant tax advantages.

A retirement capital is more than an absolute necessity, especially since the replacement rate (retirement pension paid / last salary before retirement) is hardly more than 70% and is likely to decline to 30%. The consequences can be very serious for your employees.

EPEGA will help you set up a supplementary retirement savings solution that will ensure that your employees receive a capital bonus in the medium and long term in addition to the following benefits:

• Contributions to the savings plan are tax deductible
• Tax savings are capitalized.

The contract gives great freedom of action to the subscriber and the insured:

• Contributions freely determined by the subscriber
• Allocation of the free contribution between the Company and its employees
• Possibility of benefiting from a temporary advance on the savings constituted
• Possibility of choosing a savings beneficiary in the event of death
• Significant tax allowance on the pension
• Choosing the company that ensures efficient and secure savings management