Anyone may face a drop in their income following retirement, for example, or may want to plan savings in order to carry out projects (e.g. buying a home, financing your children’s education, etc.).

The Retirement Savings Plan is the solution to deal with these situations.

Retirement Savings: a multifunctional investment

Retirement Savings Insurance is a savings product whereby the insurer undertakes to pay you, at the end of the contract, in addition to your original capital, the interest generated by your payment. By its operating mode, the Savings Plan thus combines two types of operations:

• An individual savings operation, since it operates on the principle of capitalisation, the subscriber invests capital that generates income directly invested on the same contract.
• And an « insurance » operation, more precisely an asset transfer operation since, in the event of the subscriber’s death, the sums present on the contract are paid to a person of his or her free choice.

The major advantage of Retirement Savings Insurance lies in its great flexibility of use.

At any time, the saver retains the possibility of recovering all or part of the sums invested.
Finally, at the end of the contract, the savings accumulated, increased by the capitalized income, are paid out:

• Or to the subscriber himself, if he is still alive;
• Or to a person designated by the subscriber, if he or she is deceased.

Retirement savings benefit from lower taxes:

Your EPEGA advisor will assist you in the contract conclusion phase with the insurer by advising you on the amount of the « premiums » and the frequency of their payment and will indicate the conditions required to obtain the maximum benefit from the tax system attached to the contract.