Shipping and transport

EPEGA provides transport and shipping professionals with insurance solutions specially designed for them.

Whatever your field of activity is:

• Business or industrial company with goods exposed to transport risk,
• Carrier, logistician and transport auxiliaries
• Shipowners and charterers
• Recreational boat owners
• Airline companies

Our team of experts will help you find the coverage that is right for you and your specific needs:

If your company provides its own shipping for the transport of goods or entrusts it to a professional carrier, this interests you. International transport conventions provide for limitations on the carrier’s liability, even if the carrier is supposed to benefit from insurance associated with the purpose of his activity.

To protect against non-refundable losses and carrier insolvency risks, the cargo coverage, commonly known as the « cargo policy », covers the shipment of your goods from end to end against all ordinary or exceptional risks that may arise during transport (domestic and international) and during transit stays.

Un contrat sera établi par nos spécialistes en fonction de vos besoins:

•  A travel insurance policy taken out for a one-time shipment.
•  A subscription insurance policy taken out by operators with many shipments to insure: It offers the advantage of automatic coverage of the goods and exempts the insured from negotiating insurance before each shipment.
•  Policy to be supplied to companies or traders carrying out shipments over a specified period of time. It extinguishes itself with the last expedition.

Shipowner’s hull insurance covers damage, loss, third party claims and expenses resulting from marine casualties and accidents that occur to the insured ship. It is therefore more a damage insurance than a liability insurance.

Damages insurance

Shipowner’s hull insurance is first and foremost a non-life insurance policy that covers losses of any kind resulting from external events other than internal mechanical damage related to its operation, such as sea fortunes.

The scope of coverage may vary depending on the forms of policies purchased:

•  « All Risks » type policy
•  « FAP EXCEPT » font »

Liability insurance

It is a policy that insures against certain third party claims for material and immaterial damage resulting from an accident or collision.

Liability coverage can be covered by either the Body and Engine policy or the P&I Club coverage.

Other coverages may also be recommended to the insured:

•  The Bonne Arrivée guarantee to cover additional capital at body value
•  The Business interruption coverage

Pleasure insurance

Our firm offers a range of policies that allow our clients to enjoy their favourite leisure activities in complete peace of mind and to operate all recreational machinery in complete safety.

•   Pleasure craft
•   Jet ski

Contact our experts in the Shipping Department and you will find competent contacts who will be able to advise you and search with insurance companies for the products that best meet your needs.

You are a transport or logistics professional, your company may be held liable in various circumstances for damage or loss of entrusted goods or simply because of financial loss due to failures in relation to the clauses of your contract with your customers.

Your advisers at EPEGA identify the risks that arise from the contractual and commercial obligations of the transport, logistics service contracts or special agreements concluded between you and your clients.

We can advise you on the best cover to be taken out in order to comply with your contractual commitments in order to ensure that you are covered for the financial consequences of errors and omissions committed in the course of your professional activities, whether or not they are the result of material damage.