Social security benefits


Today, Group Health Insurance is more than a necessity for companies wishing to cover the health needs of their employees, it is a means of motivating and retaining employees; it is an additional asset to attract or retain your talented employees.

Group health insurance covers the reimbursement of medical expenses and pharmaceutical, medical or surgical hospitalisation expenses incurred by the main insured (the member) and/or the persons in his or her family for whom he or she is responsible.

Each insurance contract is specific, and depends on the Company’s needs, the Group’ s size and the profile of its employee population.
Our « Health Insurance » advisors will assist you in setting up an insurance contract that meets the constraints of your social policy.

Three coverage modes are used as a reference:

• Basic health insurance covering expenses on the 1st dirham,
• Major Risk or Supplementary Hospitalization Insurance,
• Complementary health insurance to the Compulsory Health Insurance (AMO)