Work-related accidents

Why do you need insurance?

The number of work-related accidents reported to insurance companies in Morocco averages 65,000 per year, including 14,000 serious ones!

Since a work-related accident can be experienced by an employee and his or her family as a tragedy, the public authorities have made it a legal obligation to take out work-related accident insurance.

Establishing the National Institute for Living Conditions at Work (INCVT) is part of an action plan to develop a framework law on occupational health and safety.

Features and coverage

The « WORK ACCIDENTS » contract is a mandatory contract intended for any company with employees, regardless of their form of remuneration.

The « WORK ACCIDENTS » contract covers the financial impact of the employer’s legal liability in the event of accidents at work or occupational diseases that may affect his employees during their professional activity, including risks during the journey.
It allows the employer to face legal obligations, which can be very burdensome, while delegating to the insurer the management of always sensitive social files.

Our solution

EPEGA supports and defends your file in order to benefit from the contribution rates for the most competitive professional risks with regard to your activity.
EPEGA will also help you to develop and coordinate preventive actions to reduce the frequency and severity of risks related to accidents at work and occupational diseases and improve your working conditions.

Work-related accident prevention

Work-related accident prevention should in principle follow three main principles:

•   take collective protection measures;
•   take personal protective measures;
•   train workers in specific risks and measures to be taken in the event of an accident.

The idea is therefore to encourage first of all to eliminate or reduce exposure as much as possible, then to control residual risks as much as possible, and only then to protect workers by means of individual protection.